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Cambrian Losses 1914-18

As the centenary of the loss of each employee occurs, a page will be added to our memorial book detailing where and when he died and where he is interred (where available).

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List of Cambrian Losses

List of lost employees - on display in the Museum

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14th December 1914

Henry Tudor




10th August 1915

Maurice Richard Williams

17th August 1915

Eric Guy Harries

18th August 1915

Stanley Mason

19th August 1915

Thomas Mills

23rd August 1915

Edward Evans

1st October 1915

Robert Thomas Evans

31st December 1915

William Ernest Lewis

18th February 1916

Evan John Caine

10th March 1916

William Henry Lewis

29th May 1916

William Wallace Boak

17th June 1916

Arthur Roberts

10th July 1916

James Lloyd

24th August 1916

Charles Clifford Judge

30th August 1916

William Jones

9th October 1916

Charles Henry Loose

23rd November 1916

Henry Edward Stokes

28th November 1916

Thomas Edgar Owen

7th January 1917

Fred Phillips

26th March 1917

Albert Edward White

6th April 1917

Harry Heritage Owen *

23rd April 1917

John William Wainwright

13th May 1917

Robert Evans

27th July 1917

David R. Thomas

4th August 1917

Hugh Philip Evans

12th August 1917

Frank Jones

16th November 1917

David Richard Jones

30th November 1917

Edward Sidney Ellis

28th December 1917

Samuel Vaughan

30th December 1917

John Hugh Dyas

31st December 1917

Evan Richard Evans

* Harry Heritage Owen is mistakenly recorded as Hugh Henry Owen on the memorial.