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at Oswestry and Llynclys

Following a full assessment of all our coaching stock, a rough cost has been attached to getting each of the carriages back into revenue earning service. A rundown of the work required on each carriage can be read below.


MK1 TSO Coach built Wolverton 1961

On Site Aug ‘04

Currently this coach is 75% restored, it requires further work on the chassis, frames and running gear, plus all the brake blocks need replacing. The cost of restoration so far amounts to 4190. Estimated money required to finish the restoration - 1500.


MK1 BSK Coach built Wolverton 1962

On Site Aug ‘04

Currently 25% restored. Major repairs are required on both corridor connections, carriage doors and frames. 880 has been spent on this coaches restoration so far. Estimated cost of complete restoration of coach - 5000.


MK1 FO Coach built BRCW 1959

On Site Apr ‘05

This vehicle has had minimal work carried out on it. Major restoration is required on both end sections, doors, plus water leaks between the gutter and roof panels need urgent attention. Estimated cost of complete restoration - 15,000.


MK1 TSO Coach built York 1956

On Site Apr ‘05

Minimal restoration work has been actioned on this vehicle. All the seating plus fittings have been removed from the middle compartment and the leading bogie has been fitted the wrong way round! To rectify this situation the coach will have to be lifted by crane or jacks and the bogie removed, turned and refitted. Estimated cost of complete restoration - 8000.


MK1 BSK(Courier) Coach built Wolverton 1962

On Site May ‘04

Currently this coach has been stripped of all passenger compartments (apart from one). To use the coach as a brake van the estimated cost of restoration is 3500. To reinstate all the compartments, etc., the estimated cost would be 25,000 - 30,000.


MK1 CK Coach built Wolverton 1957

On Site Aug ‘04

The left-hand side of this coach needs replating and new rubber seals renewed around the windows, etc. Extensive repairs are also required on both corridor connections. Estimated cost of restoration - 12,000.


MK1 BSK Coach(ex CRS) built Wolverton 1962

On Site Jul ‘08

When in Oswestry yard this vehicle had all the windows smashed and was set on fire, plus all the compartments apart from the dividing walls were removed. The Carriage & Wagon team propose to use MK1 coach 15632 as a donor vehicle and transfer the compartments to 35342, windows and other spares will have to be sourced from the SVR, or fabricated. Estimated cost of restoration - 40,000.


MK1 RMB Coach built Wolverton 1959

On Site Nov ‘05

Currently in use as a static buffet/shop. Due to water leakage around the windows, new rubber seals and the main window panes need replacing, plus extensive repairs are required on both corridor connections. Estimated cost - 2200.

Should the railway decide to convert this vehicle back to form part of a train the shop area would need converting back to a seated area, the current 230-240v wiring removed and a complete rewire actioned, and the permanent plumbing reversed. Finally, as the vehicle is only air braked, a conversion to vacuum braking would be required. Estimated cost 18,000 - 20,000.


MK1 CK Coach built Wolverton 1959

On Site Feb ‘05

This coach appears to have a twisted chassis and thus would be an ideal donor coach for spares for 35342 plus also supply spare parts for the rest of the MK1’s.


MK1 TSO Coach built Eastleigh 1955

On Site Aug ‘04

This coach is deteriorating rapidly and in need of major restoration. It currently has five smashed windows, the panelling on both sides needs replacing as well as all the doors. The upholstery is in a poor state and needs renewing. Estimated cost of restoration - 45,000 - 50,000.

If you wish to help with any of this work, please contact Tony Warren or any member of his team. They can be found working most Sundays at Llynclys. If you feel that you are unable to physically help with this task, all donations to the fund are always gratefully accepted.