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Making Donations to the Railway

The Railway is funded mainly by running tourist trains at our two sites in Oswestry and at Llynclys, as well as the income derived from the annual membership fee.

However, not everyone is able to visit us or, for one reason or another, don’t wish to join as a member. So we hope that people would consider donating a small (or large!) sum to us, helping to continue the growth.

You can, of course, just send us a cheque (or money), but there are ways you can donate without relying on the post.

1) Via the Donate button

Dotted around the site you will see a large yellow donate button, clicking this will take you to our PayPal portal where you can donate using either PayPal or most credit/debit cards.

This way is not the best way to donate to us as the following two methods are more tax efficient for us, as we automatically claim back 25% of the donation from the taxman. Please note that to do this you need to be a UK taxpayer.

2) Via eBay

As the profile of CHR becomes more well known we have increasing number of offers of various items that people no longer want but we are unable to use or find space for. However we are in need of money so a win win solution has been found. 

Any items no longer wanted can be sold on eBay with all or part of the proceeds going to Cambrian Heritage Railways.

Instructions for eBay users:

List your item for sale in the usual way using the advance listing page (not the quick listing tool)

When you get down to the   Paypal  line  tick the box,  then click on 'select another charity you love'.

Enter Cambrian Heritage Railways in the search box , click on go, click select.

Our Totem Logo then appears on the listing page. check it is selected.

Above is a box where you select the donation percentage.  Your eBay fee will be reduced by the amount of your donation, therefore a 100% donation gets a free listing !

CHR will receive the money via PayPal within 30 days.

If you are a UK tax payer the Government can then add 25% to your donation through the Gift Aid scheme!

To do this you will need a Pay Pal account. Log in and go to   to set up Gift Aid.

Lets get those garages and lofts empty and put the proceeds to good use!

3) Directly via the PayPal Giving Fund

As with the eBay donation above, this way requires you to have a PayPal account, as money is from that account. For people who would normally donate via option1, and have a PayPal account, this way enables the Railway to benefit from Gift Aid. Also all of the donation goes to the Railway, rather than being liable to usual PayPal fees.

This way can simply be used by visiting our section of their site at:

and follow the instructions.

Thankyou for any donations.