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Oswestry Station Revitalisation

at Oswestry and Llynclys

25th. January. 2016

Oswestry Station Revitalisation

Since the CRS and CRT joined forces back in 2009/10 work has been progressing on transforming the station area in Oswestry into an area the CHR can be proud of, allowing services to be extended and improving the look of the site for visitors and locals alike.

However, with volunteers working hard on the refurbishment of the main line towards Weston Wharf - hopefully for opening sometime during 2017 - it has now become obvious that we need full run-round facilities at Oswestry.

Work has started on the two missing lines through the station and with rebuilding the down platform. But with the cost of the extension towards Weston Wharf taking up most of our available finances, we will need extra funding to complete the station layout in time for the opening of any extension.

It has therefore been decided to open an appeal for this funding from you, the members, and also the general public. Details of this appeal will be announced once they have been finalised.

Click here to download more details, along with a donation form.



Station Building update

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24th. January. 2014

This section has unfortunately been neglected over the years since the building was acquired by the local council with a mixture of local and European funding. This article will hopefully bring you up-to-date.

Those who attended the inaugural meeting of Cambrian Heritage Railways (CHR) in Oswestry Station Building in the Autumn of 2009, met in the area formerly used as the refreshment rooms in past steam-era days. This interactive space is now leased by the Station Pharmacy who have recently completed internal management changes to expand their product range and offer more specialist services.

CHR has continued to work closely with the Oswestry Station Buildings Trust, the ethos of which is overseeing the day-to-day management whilst working with partners to sustain the fabric of the building and the immediate environs. Clearly, the fabric of the Grade II listed building is substantial with high ceilings and poor thermal capacity; running costs are high which require the Trust to maximise their income from letting the ground floor space plus the six office suites located on the first floor.

The first floor space offers excellent vistas of the railway from where the remarkable progress of CHR during the past three years can be observed (see pictures right) together with panoramic views to the recently completed Town Green, formerly the site of railway carriage sidings.

The original Cambrian Railways boardroom is still extant and currently occupied by a tenant specialising in environmental promotion. CHR have their own registered office on the first floor (phone: 01691 688763) which is used for board meetings and general management purposes. This room is also used by various external organisations for meetings and presentations.

Recent new tenants include a charity, the Shropshire Peer Counselling and Advocacy Service together with Chums, a befriending service.


Station Area July 2008
Station Area Jan 2014

Before and after - compare the view of the building and its surroundings in July 2008 (Top) and in January 2014 (Bottom)

Position of Buffers

Outside the Station Building from Oswald Road, showing the position of ‘Buffers’

Overflow for Cambrian Railex

Visitors and exhibitors overflow outside to the main entrance area during the ‘Cambrian Railex’ event of July 2013.

Outside and around the building, particularly within the part-Trust owned car park, new improved signage at the car park entrance and on the side wall of the Museum across the yard are clear to see.

The newly erected spear-pointed fence panels and gates around that part of the Station car park owned by the Trust are now creating much improved security for the platform, more parking spaces whilst improving the ambience of the location.

Meanwhile, cycle stands have been erected to the station forecourt, they are now being used not only for their principle purpose, but also to deter irresponsible parking, that otherwise takes place.

The Station entrance doors have benefited from an automatic door entry system affording disabled persons easy access to the Booking Hall, the Pharmacy together with the tourist information material on display. This are also includes details of the CHR project with displays, their programme for the year, membership and fund raising opportunities within the railway.

Buffers and the CHR shop are manned on running days and affords good space for special events which are growing in number, type and popularity (see left). There have been a number of performance based events too, generating much needed funds.

Period enamel signage has recently appeared to reflect the 1950’s image CHR are aiming to incorporate within the railway, but more are required. So, if you were wondering what to do with that old sign in the garage, then please do not hesitate to donate to our Station Building!

More help and assistance is needed within the Trust. An urgent requirement is a maintenance person able to devote a few hours per week to keep on top of the day-to-day issues that arise. If you are able to assist or wish to become involved as a Trustee in fund raising activities, do please get in touch. Email Roger Date for more details.


News and Progress

21st. May. 2005

As reported in the News section, Oswestry Borough Council along with Advantage West Midlands' Rural Regeneration Zone, the European Regional Development Objective II Programme and the Market Town Initiative programme, have acquired Oswestry Railway Station and have now started a multi-million pounds refurbishment project. As can be seen in the attached picture, work is proceding at a pace, and once finished will help regenerate this side of Oswestry Town centre and hopefully enable us to once more run trains into the site of the headquarters of the Cambrian Railways.

A view of the Station Building from the railway line.

As part of the refurbishment, space has been allowed to reinstate the bay platform next to the Staiton building. This will enable a service from Oswestry to Gobowen to be run, some time in the future.

With the building in the background, the position of the bay platform can easily be seen.