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at Oswestry and Llynclys

30th. Apr. 2007


Following a meeting of Oswestry Borough Council’s Development Control Committee on 27th. February, approval was given for the new development, at Llynclys South, of the long awaited Carriage and Wagon Shed. This will, of course, be a major step forward for the Trust since it will allow the restoration of the railways rolling stock to proceed under cover for the first time.

Rail access to the shed will be via a new point, off the recently started Haystack run-round loop.

This line drawing shows that restoration of rolling stock will be accomplished on 2 lines, with plenty of working room surrounding them.


26th. Feb. 2007

Following a period of consultation, our application for the carriage shed will be brought before the planning committee of Oswestry Borough Council this week. Speakers both for (including a representative from the Trust) and against the proposals will be presenting their case. The outcome will be reported here as soon as possible.


23rd. Oct. 2006

One thing that has become obvious during the last couple of years, is that when we start to expand towards Oswestry, we will need more coaching stock than the DMU units provide us. We currently have 8 coaches earmarked for use in the future, all requiring varying amounts of work done on them to allow them to be used for passenger services.

To restore all these carriages in the required time scale is hard enough, without relying on the vagaries of the British climate for Tony Warren and his team to be able to work on them on a regular basis.

It has therefore been decided that the only way forward is to construct a small carriage shed somewhere on the line to enable restoration work to continue, irrespective of the weather conditions. Owing to the small amount of land available to us it has been decided to plan for this small shed to be constructed on a small parcel of land parallel to what is known a Haystack siding. Positioning it here will enable it to be screened from view, and far enough away that it does not affect our neighbours.

Based on this, a public meeting was arranged, on 10th October, where the preceding facts were presented to the local residents, and fully discussed. A document describing what we propose, and some of the views of the local residents is attached here.

At the end of the meeting a questionnaire was issued, where the views of the local residents could be collected and analysed, and although only 9 were returned from 30-35 residents present that night, attached is a pictorial representation of the general feeling about the Railway project, and the issue of the carriage shed.



This view, taken from the road bridge at Llynclys, shows the conditions that the carriage restoration team currently work under. The proposed site of the carriage shed is the triangular area to the right of the carriages in the distance, which are standing on Haystack siding. This would be screened by current trees from the main A483 (300-400 yards to the right), and be a distance from the nearest house, which is just to the right of where this picture is taken from. Further tree planting will be undertaken to screen the area further.